The word ‘sun heat trace,’ a compound word of ‘electrical’ and ‘heating,’ contains the meaning of saving energy and preserving nature, which are the goals pursued by our company.

Since its foundation in 2007, our company has been providing solutions for floor heating system and

snow-removal system, and all other areas that require heat in one-stop solution from R&D to production & construction, striving to allow people to live warm and healthy lives.

With endless efforts put under our slogan ‘Quality is our pride,’ our solutions were delivered/installed in

numerous large-sized facilities, public facilities, and government-level corporations in the country, contrib-
uting to development of industries while continuing to develop solutions in all of new areas that require heat.

Moreover, we opened a local corporation in Iran and a branch office in Turkey, doing our best in pioneering overseas markets. As of 2019, we are exporting floor heating systems and various kinds of solutions to around other countries around the world including Turkey and Iraq. This would not have been possible without our customers who have thought highly of the technological and ethical capacity of our company which have been accumulated since 2007.

We promise to continue to make efforts in order to make ‘customer support, customer satisfaction’ as our priority to satisfy all people who use our products.

Thank you very much


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